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How to Create Custom Fields
How to Create Custom Fields

How can I create custom fields in my cases?

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Easily create Custom Fields in your cases to collect data from clients. These fields can be used to merge data into your documents, texts, client portals, and more!

First, go to My Account Settings > Firm Details > Custom Fields > +New Field. You can create your custom fields using available SALI fields or simply create your own.

****Note: We encourage the use of SALI fields. Check out our article explaining how to use these or visit to learn more.

Next, depending on the type of data you'd like to collect, select your option from the Field Type dropdown.

Different field types will have different forms of entry. For example, if you select the Dropdown, Radio, or Checkbox Field type, you can then add multiple options to your dropdown. Simply click "Add New Option" to add more.

Then, enter your Field Name. You will see a preview appear on the right-hand side. This will show you exactly how the field will appear in your cases.

You can also nest fields within options. Do this by clicking +Add Nested Field. You can add as many nested fields within each option as you'd like.

You can also duplicate each option including its nested fields. In this example, if you wanted to collect the name and age of each of your client's children, you can click Duplicate at the top of option 1. This option and its nested fields would be copied into a new option, so all you would have to edit is the "Child #".

Always check back to your Preview section, so you can see how the fields will look in action:

You can then use these custom fields to merge data with our other features such as Doc Creator, NextMessage, MyChapter! Click here to see how they are used in Doc Creator!

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