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Using Custom Fields for Doc Creator
Using Custom Fields for Doc Creator
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You can create your Custom Fields in Account Settings > Firm Defaults > Custom Fields. We would recommend referring to the article below:

When you are ready to create or edit a document in the Doc Creator tab, you will see these custom tags that have been created in blue on the lefthand side.

You can search tags in the Search bar, or you can quickly create a new custom field here by clicking +Add Tag.

Don't forget to Save your template in the top-right corner. You can also click Preview to view the PDF version of the case with the custom fields included.

Once you have created your templates with custom fields, you can begin using these templates in your cases.

Just make sure you enter/save the data in your cases, then generate your document in Additional Documents > Doc Creator. Select your template from the dropdown and click Create Template.

Once your document is generated, you can see how the custom fields merge your data!

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