What are SALI Fields?

NextChapter now allows you to set up custom fields using SALI fields created by the Legal Matter Standard Specification (LMSS).

"SALI is a not-for-profit organization comprised of legal industry professionals from legal operations, law firms and solution providers with the goal of developing open, practical industry standards for efficient and innovative legal services."

NextChapter encourages the use of these fields as the LMSS works to standardize this data across legal platforms.

How can I use SALI fields in NextChapter?

You can use these fields when setting up Custom Fields in NextChapter. Go to My Account Settings > Firm Defaults > Custom Fields > +New Field

You can then find available SALI fields a could different ways. First, you can click the hyperlink to see all available fields:

From there, you use the search bar or click on the branches of the tree chart to find existing fields:

Once you find the field you want to use, just click on its red text and Save & Close.

The second way to find available SALI fields is to simply type in the Field Name box. NextChapter will then show a Preview of available fields which you can then select:

Once you have created and set up your Custom Fields, you can begin using them in all of your cases for data collection! These will be viewable in your cases under their coinciding tab, Custom Fields.

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