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Chapter 13 Step Payments: By District
Chapter 13 Step Payments: By District

Does my district include the step payments in my plan?

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You can calculate step payments for your Chapter 13 Plans directly through NextChapter!

Check out the list below to see if those step payments are automatically added to your plan form. If you do not see your district in the list below, you still have the ability to calculate step payments. However, you will need to add those payments directly in the Plan Editor.

  • Alabama Middle

  • Alabama Northern

  • Alabama Southern

  • Alaska*

  • Arizona

  • Arkansas Eastern

  • Arkansas Western

  • California Central

  • California Eastern*

  • California Northern*

  • California Southern

  • Colorado

  • Connecticut*

  • Delaware*

  • District of Columbia

  • Florida Middle

  • Florida Northern

  • Florida Southern

  • Georgia Middle*

  • Georgia Northern

  • Georgia Southern*

*Denotes district where step payments are not to be listed in the plan

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