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Chapter 13: Step Payments
Chapter 13: Step Payments

How to add and edit step payments to your Chapter 13 Plan

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NextChapter has the ability to add step payments to your Chapter 13 Plans.

To get started, go to Chapter 13 > Plan Calculator. Once you have treated your claims as needed, click Add Step Payments below your asset table.

Upon clicking, you will see a popup that allows you to edit your monthly payments, number of terms, and term length. To add more terms, click the plus sign.

You can then click inside the Number of Months and Monthly Payment fields to adjust as needed. You will see a running total of your payments as well as a balance as you make your adjustments. Also, to remove a term, simply click the minus sign all the way to the right.

If you have a conduit payment, you will see the monthly mortgage fee in addition to the mortgage + trustee's fee. You can adjust the monthly payment if needed as well.

Once finished, you can save and close. Keep in mind that if the total balance on the plan has changed, you will need to edit the Step Payment Schedule as needed. You can always edit the step payments again by clicking Edit Plan Payment Schedule or you can remove it by clicking Remove Step Payment.

Next, check out this article to see which districts automatically insert the step payments into the plans.

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