In the Client Profile > Filing Information section, there is an option to select Attached, Waived or Installments for the filing fee. The selection will be on Form 101 - Voluntary Petition Line 8.

At this time, NextChapter can generate the Application to Pay Fees in Installments. You can view those directions here!

If you are applying to waive the filing fee, you can click on the hyperlinked word and a pop-up will appear. Then, you can click on the Additional Documents > Court Forms Library hyperlink to take you to that section to complete the form.

Simply click +Create in Additional Documents > Forms Library to auto-complete that form. Once that is done, then that form can be manually filed with the court.

*Please note: At this time, NextChapter does not have the capability to file this form and it will need to be filed manually with the court.

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