Question from SOFA Line 5: List all property of the debtor that was obtained by a creditor within 1 year before filing this case, including property repossessed by a creditor, sold at a foreclosure sale, transferred by a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or returned to the seller

Where to enter this in NextChapter: Secured Claims or Unsecured Priority Claims or Unsecured Nonpriority Claims > New Secured Claim > Add Action

Line 5 of the SOFA can be added from any of Claims sections. When you edit the corresponding claim for the creditor that received payment, you may Add an Action to the claim.  

The first dropdown will allow you to select repossession, foreclosure or return.

Note: The action will only appear on line 5 of the SOFA unless the box Add to SOFA #7 (Lawsuit) is check. Checking this box will add the action on both lines 5 and 7 of the Statement of Financial Affairs.

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