Question from SOFA line 3 - Certain payments or transfers to creditors within 90 days before filing this case. List payments or transfers, including expense reimbursements to any creditor, other than regular employee compensation, within 90 days before filing this case unless the aggregate value of all property transferred to that creditor is less than $7,575.

Where to enter this in NextChapter: Secured Claims or Unsecured Priority Claims or Unsecured Nonpriority Claims > New Claim > Last Payment Date

Line 3 of the SOFA can be added from any of Claims sections. When you edit the corresponding claim for the creditor that received payment, there is a field for the Last Payment Date. If the date entered is within the last 90 days, NextChapter will ask you for each date that payment was made and the total amount paid.

If the payment was greater than $6,425 you must also select the box that appears once the date is put in.

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