Question from SOFA line 6: Are either Debtor 1’s or Debtor 2’s debts primarily consumer debts?

Where to enter this in NextChapter: Unsecured Nonpriority Claims > New Unsecured Nonpriority Claim > Last Payment Date


Secured Claims > New Secured Claim > Last Payment Date

Line 6 of the SOFA can be added from the Claims section. When you edit the corresponding claim for the creditor that received payment, there is a field for the Last Payment Date. If the date entered is within the last 90 days, NextChapter will ask you for each date for which payment was made and then for the total amount paid.

If you are not seeing items appearing in Line 6 of the SOFA (Form 107):

Per the form's instructions, Line 6 of Form 107 will be checked yes and items will appear if they meet the value and date criteria established in the form text.

For Unsecured Nonpriority Claims:

If you need to add a payment made to a creditor that should not be listed on any of the schedules for a claim, such as a utility company, you can add the claim in the Unsecured Nonpriority Claims section and check the box Omit claim from Schedule E/F.

The Secured Claims tab will only give you the option to Omit from the Creditor Matrix:

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