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Schedule J: Expenses
Schedule J - Calculate your monthly expenses
Schedule J - Calculate your monthly expenses

See how line 22 is calculated on Schedule J (106J)

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Line 22: Calculate your monthly expenses.

Line 22a: Add lines 4 through 21.

Line 22a is the total expenses for Debtor 1. View this full form instruction article for Schedule J to see how lines 4-21 are calculated.

Line 22b: Copy line 22 (monthly expenses for Debtor 2), if any, from Official Form 106J-2.

Line 22b is the total monthly expenses of Debtor 2 which is copied from line 22 of 106J-2. If this is not applicable, we will leave this line blank.

Line 22c: Add line 22a and 22b.

22c combines the expenses for both Debtor 1 and Debtor 2 to get the total monthly expenses.

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