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After you've started the Clio Sync Integration with your account in NextChapter, you will have the option to sync your contacts and bankruptcy matters from Clio to cases in NextChapter. 

If you select this option, all open matters in Clio, where the Practice Area is marked as "Bankruptcy," will sync over into NextChapter. The integration will search to see if there is already an existing case with the same case name in NextChapter and will sync any pre-existing cases or it will open a new case in NextChapter if there is no existing case. 

The Practice Area must be saved to the matter as the pre-set option of Bankruptcy or you can add a custom Practice Area and the case will still sync to NextChapter if Bankruptcy is still in the Practice Area title. 

For example, "Bankruptcy - Chapter 7" is a Practice Area for a matter that will sync to a case in NextChapter.

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