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Multiple Entities: Adding Nested Questions
Multiple Entities: Adding Nested Questions

How to add nested questions across multiple entities

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Now that you know how to add Multiple Entities, you can start adding nested fields within each entity.

In this example, I am adding a custom field for "Asset". For each asset I list in my cases, I need to know the Description, Value, and Date of Purchase. Therefore, I should start with a field name of Asset. I can then add nested fields for Description, Value, and Date of Purchase.

If I select my maximum options, I can see that these same nested fields will appear for each "Asset" option multiple times by simply clicking "Add More".

Now, when I am creating my document in Account Settings, I can add my asset list. I see that all options are available. I can add as many of the corresponding fields as needed. For example, I can add only the asset names (as in the example below), or I can add all corresponding fields (Description, Value, etc).

***Note: The option to add entity signatures will automatically appear. Signatures will be helpful if the options I am adding are roles (Agent, Administrator, etc.). You are not required to add signatures, they are just options.

In my case in Case Details, I can again click Add More to display more asset options with their corresponding fields.

Now, when I generate my document, I will see the assets I listed in the case. Please note that in this example, I only added Asset names to the template, so only the asset names will appear.

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