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Filing Additional Documents
How to file additional documents when filing a case through NextChapter
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NextChapter is now integrated with most courts to allow for additional document uploads when filing a case through NextChapter such as the Credit Counseling Certificates, Form 121 Statement of Social Security, and any other required local forms or statements or that your court requires to be filed separately from the main petition packet. 

Prior to filing your case, any additional documents being filed with the case can be uploaded in the Additional Documents section under Client Document Storage. After the document is uploaded, you can assign the court’s event code to that document.

In the Review and File section, you can set up your case filing from the Assemble PDF Packet(s) tab.

The first column shows all the available documents in your case.

The second column is where all forms can be added that should be included in the Voluntary Petition Packet. All forms in this section will be merged into a single PDF when uploaded to the court. You can drag and drop individual documents to this section or you can select a pre-set option from the default list at the bottom of this column. 

Default list options:

  • Complete Bankruptcy Petition: includes all forms and schedules 

  • Emergency Filing: includes the Petition, Matrix, Attorney Fee Disclosure and the Notice for Individual Filings. 

The third column is where you can add any additional documents being filed in the case. Any documents already added in the Client Document Storage section will also be listed here.

  • Statement of Social Security: If this form is required for your court, you can download a copy from the Download and Print section, then when you’re ready to file the case, you can upload the form in this section here.

  •  Additional Events: If your court requires any of the forms to be filed separately from the main Petition PDF Packet, you can add the event from the bottom of this column. Once added, you can drag and drop any document to that event.

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