If you have a list of common creditors from your previous bankruptcy software, you can import those creditors by uploading the list as a CSV in your settings page under the Common Creditors section. The CSV should have each creditor listed with the address information separated in columns with the following column titles:

● Common Creditor

● Address 1

● Address 2

● City

● State

● Zip

All creditors saved in the Common Creditor list in the firm's settings page can be deleted and edited as needed.

Default Creditors

You may identify creditors as "Notice Only" creditors for all of your cases by selecting this box. More info can be found here

Adding and Accessing Common Creditors from a case:

You can also save common creditors while working in a case. After you enter the creditor you can check the box to save the creditor which will add the creditor to your firm’s common creditor list.

To search and add a common creditor, start typing the creditor's name and it will populate with the information that you have saved in your settings.

You will also be able to save common notice addresses by selecting Save as Notice Address. These will function in the same manner that the common creditors do.

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