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Chapter 7 - 122A-2
Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation - Involuntary Deductions
Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation - Involuntary Deductions

How to enter Line 17 of 122A-2

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Question from line 17: Involuntary deductions

Where to enter this in NextChapter: Income > Employment Income > Edit or Add New Income > Pay Advice > Other Obligations > Mandatory AND/OR Union Dues

NextChapter uses the following to calculate the involuntary deductions used on line 17.

  • Any mandatory retirement deductions and/or union dues from the debtor's pay advice that is being used on Schedule I.

If needed, you can also override the amount being used on Line 17 in Means Test > Means Test Questions > Additional Expenses:

When you select to override the expenses from Schedule I, a new screen will appear which allows you to override the amount.

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