To edit your NextMessage settings:

You may make changes to NextMessage settings for all practice areas. Just select the practice area from the dropdown.

Once you've selected your practice area, you can click on New Recipe.

The system will confirm that you are working in the correct Practice Area:

Select your recipe from the dropdown menu:

Note: The dropdown menu will vary according to Practice Area.

When you have selected your recipe, you can customize the details, including adding a date and time tag. You can complete and customize your Recipe Name and Fields for how the recipe will function.

Name each recipe something that is clear so that everyone in the firm will be able to easily know what the message is for. This will help when selecting if you would like to turn off any recipes for specific cases.

You may click on the tag and it will be included where your cursor appears in the text box.

Don't forget to Save Recipe.

When you've returned to your case, you can scroll down the Case Dashboard to see your NextMessage: Client Text Notifications.

You can access your settings by clicking on the gear icon.

In your settings, you can see which recipes are active. This includes recipes you've created in your Account Settings.

When you are finished, you can click Done at the bottom.

In the above example, all debtors with cell phone numbers saved in the case dashboard that are not opted out of this recipe in the case will receive this text message 7 days after the filing date saved in their case.

Please note, repetitive shortened links (such as may cause your message to be blocked as spam. Make sure to use the full link in any of your texts.

Need help with creating recipes? See some Attorney Suggested Recipes here!

For more information about NextMessage click here!

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