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How to set up and use our Mailing Integration

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NextChapter is now partnered with Key Dynamics to assist attorneys with mailing and printing services! Setting up your account is completely free. You will only be charged once you decide to process your first job.

To get started, go to your Account Settings > NextChapter Mailing. Here, we will provide a description of the service with a link to get set up. Click on the link to set up your account with Key Dynamics. You will then be prompted to enter additional account and payment information. Then you will check the box to agree to terms. Then you are all set!

Once you've created your account, you can return to My Account Settings > NextChapter Mailing, where you can customize your default settings. Here, you can enter the email you would like to receive notifications on your mailing statuses and select mailing and printing methods. We also provide a chart with Key Dynamics pricing structure.

To start a mailing within a case, click NextChapter Mailing in your case. Then click +Start Mailing Request:

You can then select which documents you'd like to send with your mailing. Simply drag and drop the forms from the left-hand column to the right-hand column. You can rearrange the order of these forms by dragging and dropping within the right-hand column. You can also title your Mailing so that you can save and identify it later. Proceed by clicking Save & Next:

Then select if you would like to use the matrix provided in your NextChapter case, upload your own matrix, or use the court's Master Mailing Matrix. If you opt to use the court's matrix, you can then add or omit any addresses by clicking the +Add or +Omit buttons in orange. If you choose the NextChapter matrix, you will need to return to your case and edit any creditors within the case:

After clicking Save & Next, you can select how you would like this mailing job printed and mailed. You can choose between double or single sided prints, and the type of mailing service. Keep in mind that Key Dynamics charges per printed page.

***Warning: At this point, you are required to enter your document title. This is the title that will appear on the Certificate of Service.

Next, you can review the documents you have selected to send with your Mailing. This will work exactly the same as the Preview function in your case where you can scroll through the forms, or use the left-hand side to quickly jump to a form:

Lastly, you can confirm and send your Mailing. Here, we list Key Dynamics' rates and provide contact information should you have any questions about your Mailing. Please note, your total charge will be determined by Key Dynamics and not NextChapter.

Once you are satisfied and ready, check the box below to confirm the mailing request and click Submit for Mailing at the bottom.

After you have submitted for mailing, it will be received and processed by Key Dynamics. When the job is completed, you will receive an order summary and Certificate of Service via email. You will also see the Certificate uploaded to your case in Client Document Storage.

***Please note that your certificate will not automatically be filed with your case. You will need to make sure it is filed directly with the court if the event code is not available in the app.

You can view your current and previous at orders at any time by going to NextChapter Mailing in any of your cases. Here, you will see the dates submitted and statuses of all mailings within the case.

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