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How to handle post petition filings in NextChapter

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NextChapter is currently working on adding post petition filing to more districts. To see if we support post petition filing in your district, check your district notes. Your district notes can be found on your Homepage > Case Dashboard > Updates & News, or you can search our Help Center.

If NextChapter supports post petition filing in your district, it works similarly to initial filing. If you are post petition filing, you will only have two columns on the Review & File page.

If you have the event code selected in Additional Documents > Client Document Storage, it will automatically appear in the right-hand column of Review & File > Assemble. You can proceed to file with this form or remove it by clicking the trashcan icon:

You also have the ability to select the event code under additional PDF packets, and drag the amended form from Available Forms & Documents to the event code. In this example I am amending Schedule D, so I selected Schedule D from Additional PDF Packets and dragged Schedule D from Available Forms and Documents to where it says "drag documents here".

Once you have all needed amended forms attached to an event code, you will proceed to the file page. Preview your forms to make sure they are complete and ready to file, and then click "start ECF filing". A pop up will appear confirming the case number for the post petition filing. Double check it has the correct case number, and proceed to file.

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