You can create a new Doc Creator template in your Account Settings by clicking on your Firm Name and then My Account Settings.

Scroll down and click on Doc Creator Templates. From there, you can select Blank Template, Import Template, or Copy & Paste Template.

Blank Template allows you to create a template from scratch.

Import Template will allow you to select an existing Word Document (.DOCX format) to use from your computer.

Copy & Paste Template will allow you to copy and paste the information from your existing document if it does not qualify for import.

You can then Title your template (this is the name under which the template will be saved).

And then you can click + Create Template.

Once you've created your template, you can use the template while you are working in your case by clicking Additional Documents > Doc Creator.

From there, you can select your template from the dropdown menu and click the Add (+) button to use that template. This will open the editor for you to make any changes.

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