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Filing a Case with ECF through NextChapter
Filing a Case with ECF through NextChapter
How to electronically file in NextChapter (Plus a Quick Video Demo)
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Steps to electronically file a case to the court:

1.Click on the orange Review & File button. 

2. Check to make sure you have 7 green checkmarks in the Review section. Revisit and update any missing information.

3. Select which forms you would like filed with the Petition Package and insert any additional forms that were saved in the Client Document Storage section. All forms in the Petition Package list will be filed as a single PDF with the court. You can also drag and drop any forms in that list to reorder the forms within the PDF.

4. Additional event uploads are available for most courts. If there is a drop-down menu to select an event in the Assemble section, this is an option for your court. If you do not see the option to add events, the event codes are still being added to your court and will be available soon. 

Below is an article which shows you how to file additional documents with the case filing such as the credit counseling certificate and SSN form.

5. Once you have your packet arranged and your additional documents set, you can proceed to the File section to file the case. In the File section, enter the debtor's full SSN and select the division court for the meeting of creditors.

6. After you enter all required fields, click on Start ECF Filing. After you confirm that you would like to file a new case with the court, you will see a progress bar while your case is being filed.

7. Once the case filing is completed, you will receive a message in the application and in your email with the full status of the case filing. The email will also include links to download all of the documents included in the case filing. 

A few notes:

  • At this time NextChapter supports post petition filing in some districts. You can check your district notes to see if your district currently offers this. Your district notes can be found on your Homepage > Case Dashboard > Updates & News, or you can search our Help Center. If your district is not yet supported: if you've already filed an emergency filing or if you need to file amended documents to an existing case, you'll need to download those forms from the Download & Print section to be manually uploaded to the court's website.

  • NextChapter will use the ECF credentials you have saved in your settings page under My User Profile. If you are filing in a different district, you can enter the new credentials on the File section to override the credentials in your settings page. 

  • If you receive an alert next to Attorney Profile, this indicates that you have selected credentials in Client Profile > Filing Information > Attorney that do not match the district you are filing in.

  • Once you click on the Start ECF Filing button and then click to confirm you would like to file a case, the case filing will start and cannot be stopped. 

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