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How to File an Emergency Skeleton Case through NextChapter
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In the Review & File section, there is an option to select Emergency Filing at the bottom of the second column titled "Petition PDF Packet". When you select Emergency Filing, the following documents will automatically be added to the Petition PDF Packet column:

  • Voluntary Petition

  • Creditor Matrix

  • Verification of Creditor Matrix

  • Notice for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy

  • Attorney's Disclosure of Compensation

You can add or remove any of the documents by dragging and dropping the documents. All documents included in the second column titled "Petition PDF Packet" will be filed to the court. 

Then in the File tab, after you enter the debtor's full Social Security Number and select the court for the Meeting of Creditors, you'll be able to click on the "Start ECF Filing" button. Clicking this button will start a new case filing.

*Note: NextChapter support post-petition filing for some districts. Please check your district notes to verify if we have post-petition filing for your account. For districts that do not have post-petition filing, when you are ready to file the remaining documents, you can select which documents you would like to generate from the Download & Print section. The additional forms will need to be saved and uploaded to the case from the court's site.

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