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Editing the Forms in the Final Packet
Editing the Forms in the Final Packet
How to select which forms are included, the order of the forms, and inserting additional documents into the final packet.
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In the Review & File section, you can see a full list of the forms that are going to generate in the packet for that case under the Assemble PDF Packet(s) tab.

Selecting which forms are in the packet:

Beneath the Petition PDF Packet column, you may select Complete Bankruptcy Petition (all forms and schedules) or Emergency Filing (Voluntary Petition and Creditor List only). All forms listed in the middle column will be merged and filed together. If you want to add or remove forms/schedules, you may drag the forms into or out of the middle column.

Reordering the forms:

To change the order of the forms within the packet, simply drag and drop the document anywhere in the list. 

Inserting Additional Documents:

If you need to insert additional documents into the packet for filing, you can first upload the document in the Additional Documents > Client Document Storage section. Make sure you do not assign an Event Code to the upload.

The document will then appear in the forms section where you can drag and drop the document to the desired location in the packet.

Other Packet Options:

  • Emergency Filing - this option will auto-select the Voluntary Petition and Creditor list only. At this time, NextChapter does not allow emergency filings to be completed through the ECF features. You can download the forms and upload them directly to the court's site and then come back and complete the remaining information when you're ready.

  • Amended Filing -  If an amendment is necessary, you can make the changes in the system then select the amended option in the amended filing section along with the form you would like to generate as amended. 

  • Signature Pages Only - This option will only select the forms with signatures pages so that you can download the packet for your client's signature.

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