You can easily customize your documents by adding NextChapter's tags in My Account Settings > Firm Defaults > Custom Document Templates. The tags are used to help pull specific information from each case and automatically populate that information into each document being created.

You can add your tags by selecting the applicable tag name, then dragging and dropping it to its appropriate place in your document:

Easily find tags to insert by typing in the search bar:

You can also create custom tags to insert in your documents. Create these custom tags by going to My Account Settings > Firm Defaults > Quick Info > Firm Created Events or Custom Fields:

Your customized field will then appear as a tag when editing your Custom Documents:

You can edit your templates saved in My Account Settings > Firm Defaults > Custom Document Templates. You can also edit your documents directly in your cases by going to Additional Documents > Custom Document Creator. In either section, you have the ability to edit your fonts, formats, and alignments by using the Tool Bar in the top menu:

Upon creating a new template, your margins will default to 1 inch. However, you can change your margins by simply clicking and dragging the width of the text box:

You can save your case specific custom documents to your Client Document Storage by going to Additional Documents > Custom Documents and selecting Export. Once the document is exported, you can Save to Client Document Storage:

Once your documents are exported and saved, you can download them directly in Client Document Storage or by going to Download & Print.

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