NextChapter offers a seamless integration with DebtorCC for the online credit counseling course required for debtors to file bankruptcy. Follow the simple steps below to get started!

My Account Settings > Integrations > Credit Counseling Course Integration

If you don't have an account with, you can create one by clicking to create your account from your NextChapter settings.

You'll be directed to to create your account. Once registered, simply enter your username and password for into your account settings in NextChapter to link your two accounts. If you already have an account with, enter in your credentials to connect the two accounts.

After your accounts are connected, you can customize the message that will be used for the email when you invite your clients to complete the course. Save in your custom invitation message and your firm's contact information for the body of the email and you can select which email address for your firm you would like to receive notifications.

To invite your client to complete the course through, open the case and in the Case Dashboard, under Credit Counseling Course Invite, enter the debtor's email address and click send.

If you need to resend the invite, there will be a resend button so you can send the course link to the client again.

Your client will receive an invitation to start their credit counseling course and the email you've selected to receive notifications will be cc'd on the email.

When your client clicks "Start the Course" they will be directed to create a secure account with

After your client creates an account with they will receive an email confirmation with their username and the link to log back in at any time.

You can track the progress of your clients by clicking on DebtorCC in the menu bar of your NextChapter account. That will take you to a dashboard where you can see all clients invited on your DebtorCC account.

**NOTE: Your clients will not show in this list until after they have started their account with and the certificate will not be assigned to the case until the course is completed. NextChapter's program runs a check for all updates with twice a day.

The dashboard will show how far along the debtor is in completing their course and obtaining their certificate. Once they have completed the course, an email will be sent to the email address you've designated to receive notifications.

In the dashboard, the certificate will be assigned to the case in NextChapter. If we're unable to match the certificate for any reason (such as if there's a typo with the debtor's name or last 4 of their SSN), you can click the "Assign" button and then select the case in NextChapter that the certificate should be saved to.

When you click "Assign" you'll be able to search for the case to assign the certificate too or you can create a new case for a client not yet started in NextChapter.

Once the certificate is assigned to a case, the certificate will be saved in the Client Document Storage for easy filing with the court and the date will be updated in Client Profile > Credit Counseling Course.

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