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Fastcase -> NextChapter - What's New?

What added features will NextChapter offer

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  • ECF FILING IN ALL DISTRICTS - NextChapter is fully integrated for e-filing in all districts and we are integrated for post petition filings in the following: AZB, CACB, COB, FLMB, LAWB, TXNB with more to come soon!

  • MULTI-USER CAPABILITIES - All NextChapter Pro accounts can have 6 active users on the account at any time ($99 per year per user after 6). Users can all be logged into the same account at the same time and even working on the same case at the same time. The only suggestion we make is that you don't have multiple users working within the same subsection of the same case at the same time.

  • NEXTCHAPTER NOTICES - All PACER first looks will be saved automatically to your account. You will be able to view all notices from your home page and notices will also be saved to each individual case so long as there is a case name and case number to match the notice to. This will completely eliminate any PACER bill and free up any staff that has been manually saving these.

  • HEARING SCHEDULER  - Any important dates from your notices will be automatically parsed and added to your NextChapter calendar. These dates can then be synced to your personal calendar so you never have to miss an important date again.

  • INFUSIONSOFT INTEGRATION -  NextChapter is integrated with Infusionsoft and that sync can be turned on at any time by visiting Account Settings > Integrations > Infusionsoft.

  • CHAPTER 13 ADD-ON - NextChapter's Chapter 13 package includes a plan calculator and a local plan. Every claim that you enter throughout your case will be shown in the calculator where you can add treatments, amortize, set plan lengths, etc. Once your plan calculator is done, you may use the information to generate a local plan that is completely editable so you can continue to edit as needed.

  • PRO+ Features - Our Pro+ annual subscription (just $600 more) will give you access to MyChapter client portal and NextMessage client texting. Contact us today about this special offer and how to add it to your account.

  • iPHONE APP - Download the iPhone app for quick access to your contacts, cases, notices, documents and more!

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