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Fastcase -> NextChapter - What's the Same?
Fastcase -> NextChapter - What's the Same?

What will remain the same after migration

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  • LOYALTY PRICING - Your annual renewal price and renewal dates will remain the same for the first year post migration. At any time you will be able to upgrade your account to take advantage of NextChapter's added features.

  • SUPPORT - All customer support will remain hands on. During the first few weeks after the initial migration we will be hosting weekly live webinars to help fully train you. You will also have access to an in-app chat, support phone line and support email address you can use to speak to a member on the team.

  • FORMS PREPARATION - NextChapter is set up to prepare all of the standard statements and schedules to prepare a bankruptcy petition.

  • CLOUD BASED - NextChapter is completely cloud based and you will have access to all of your cases and documents from anywhere, at anytime.

  • CLIO INTEGRATION - NextChapter is integrated with Clio and that sync can be initiated at your earliest convenience by visiting Account Settings > Integrations > Clio.

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