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How to set up your firm and invite users

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Setting up your firm details and inviting the rest of your users is very simple in NextChapter. To start you can click on Account at the top right of your page where you will see an Account Settings option.

Once you are in your Account Settings you will be able to edit My Firm

My Firm

My Firm will be used to fill out the basic details of your firm. This information will be used as the attorney's address on the Voluntary Petition. [*NOTE* Make sure to set up your timezone correctly so all of your NextChapter Notices will schedule the hearing dates in the correct timezone.]

If your firm has multiple office locations you can click +Add Office at the bottom to save additional locations.

Make sure to click "SAVE CHANGES" on the bottom of this page so all of your settings save. 

When are you in a case in the Client Profile > Filing Information section you will see an "Office" dropdown. This dropdown will have all of the offices available that you set up here and it will mark your petition accordingly.

My User Profile

Each user will need to complete their own User Profile. This will be used as your login information to NextChapter. If you are an Attorney on the account you will be asked to enter your bar information and ECF credentials. The attorney name and bar info will be used on the petition where applicable and the ECF credentials will be used to file your case via our e-filing feature. 

If you file in multiple districts you can save multiple profiles.

*NOTE* You do not have to be logged in as an attorney to be able to file a case. You will select from an "Attorney" dropdown in the Client Profile > Filing Information section to let us know which set of credentials you want to file under.

User Accounts & Invites

This section will be used to invite all of the additional users on your account. Once invited, that user will receive an email from NextChapter with a link to finish setting up their profile. If you need to revoke access to users no longer with your firm you may do so from here as well.

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