Infusionsoft Set Up

Before starting the integration, you will need to create custom customer tags in your Infusionsoft account. These tags will be used to trigger the sync for clients that you would like to sync to new cases in NextChapter.

From your Infusionsoft account, go to Settings > Tags:

Select to add a new tag. You'll need to create a new tag for the following tag types (of just the case types that you file):

  • NextChapter 7

  • NextChapter 11

  • NextChapter 13

  • NextChapter Business 7

  • NextChapter Business 11

You can select any category type and any description. The Tag Name will need to match the tag text above exactly for the sync to work properly.

After you've saved the custom tags, you can assign the corresponding tag for any contact in Infusionsoft that you would like to import into NextChapter as a new case. 

Connecting Accounts

Start by making sure you are logged into both NextChapter and Infusionsoft.

In NextChapter go to Settings > Integrations > Infusionsoft Integration.

When you click to "Connect to Infusionsoft" you'll be directed to a page in Infusionsoft to authorize the connection.

You will be directed back to NextChapter after you click "Allow". 

Next you can click "Import from Infusionsoft". Only contacts with NextChapter tags in Infusionsoft will import as new cases into NextChapter. No data syncs back to Infusionsoft.

The sync can take a couple minutes, depending on the number of cases you are importing. Once the import is complete you will see a table indicating which contacts were successfully imported and you'll see a note letting you know when the next automatic sync will occur.

You can manually import new contacts at anytime prior to the automatic sync by clicking on "Import from Infusionsoft".

If you initial a manual sync and no cases were able to be imported, you'll see a note letting you know.

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