When you are working on a business case in NextChapter and need to cross collateralize property with claims, the most efficient process is to add all of your Personal Property first. Once you are ready to add in Secured Claims, you will have the option to select multiple pieces of property that you have entered and tie them all to the same claim.

Where in NextChapter: Personal Property > Add New Property

After the property is entered, go to Secured Claims > Add New Claim and click on the Asset dropdown

Select the Multiple Assets option

Once you have selected Multiple Assets an additional modal will appear beneath your selection that allows you to select all property secured by this lien. Click in the box where it says "search assets" and a list of all previously entered assets will appear. You can continue clicking in this box and selecting property add as many times as needed.

If you have multiple Secured Claims entered and they are both tied to the exact same properties, it will automatically check the box on Schedule D for "Do multiple creditors have an interest in the same property?"

For this example, I have two separate claims but they have the same assets secured by both of them. Schedule D will check the box indicating multiple creditors with interest in the same property and will list all of the property accordingly. 

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