When preparing a business case, some business debtors may provide long itemized lists of assets, payments or business partners. Instead of re-typing these lists, some firms prefer to simply attach the lists as attachments to the corresponding Schedule or Statement. 

To make this process easier, NextChapter has the option in all real and personal assets and most of the SOFA sections to check a box which will indicate that there will be a sheet attached itemizing all items for that category.

So for example, if the client provides an itemized PDF with a list of all the businesses' raw materials, instead of adding each item in NextChapter, the firm could add one item in Personal Assets > Inventory > Raw Materials with the total for all items listed and select the checkbox to indicate the list will be added through an attachment to the form.

When the attachment checkbox is selected, the description will automatically update with text directing the court to see the attachment for that section of the form.

This is how the text will look in the Schedule:

To include the attachments and cover pages in the forms, you can simply drag and drop the PDF to the Client Document Storage and assign the attachment type. Once assigned, the attachment will be properly attached at the end of the corresponding form. 

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