Joint Schedule C

If your district requires you to file separate Schedule Cs for each debtor, you can select who the property belongs to when adding exemptions

For this example, the exempted amount is $1,000 and belongs to Debtor 1 only. This will generate two separate Schedule Cs. One will be for Debtor 1 and will have an exemption for the sports and hobby equipment in the amount of $1,000 and the Schedule C for the joint debtor won't have this listed at all.

Once this selection is made on any exemption, if you have to add property that belongs to both debtors, that will be split down the middle on each debtor's Schedule C.

**NOTE** If you do not want to split your Schedule C between both debtors, do NOT change this dropdown. It will default as belonging to both debtors and that is how you want it to remain to generate just a single Schedule C.

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