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Suggested Filing Templates
Suggested Filing Templates
How to use suggested filing templates in NextChapter
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Various courts require forms to be filed separately from your petition. In these instances, users may set up their own Filing Templates or they may use a suggested template from NextChapter.

The suggested template will be available in the Review & File section when you are assembling your petition for filing. *Please note that not every court will have a suggested template*

Once the template is selected, any forms that your court wants filed separately from the petition will be listed in the far right column. For this Southern District of Indiana example, the template separated out all of the event codes in the "Additional PDF Packets" column.

This feature only relates to the NextChapter generated forms. It will not automatically set up your SSN form, Certificate of Credit Counseling, pay advices, etc. You can view more on how to file those event codes here.

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