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How to set up custom dates to help better track your cases

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You may add any events that you would like to track the date for in each case

Add New Event in Account Settings:

Where in NextChapter: Account > My Account Settings > Firm Defaults > Firm Created Events

When you click to add a new event, you may name the event date anything that you want to. You can also specify a duration and description of the event. 

Once you 'Save & Close' your custom event, you can assign and save these dates from within any case on the Case Dashboard.

On the Case Dashboard, your custom event will populate under the 'Quick Info' drop down menu in the center of your screen.  

Where in NextChapter: Case > Case Dashboard > Quick Info

If you save a date/time in the 'Quick Info' drop down menu for any of your custom events, the event will be listed in the "Events" tab on the right-hand side of your screen. 

The event will also appear on your homepage calendar. 

You can view/edit the event by clicking on the event in your calendar. It will default to the duration you set when you created the event in your 'Account Settings.' You'll also have the ability to edit the title, date/time, case, location, and description of the event. 

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