Hearing Scheduler is a feature included with Notices A.I. With this feature, Notices A.I. will save all the hearing dates from the firm's court notices and free-look PDFs into the Firm's calendar and in the case event list. 

Getting Started & Editing Events
The hearing scheduler is automatically added to your firm once you've completed the steps to set up Notices A.I.. Once you start receiving notices in your account, the hearing dates will automatically be added to your firm's calendar. 

Once an event is added, you can click to edit the event and add any additional information needed. The system will pull the date, time, event description and the location of the event. You can edit the event from the Firm's calendar.

If your firm uses NextMessage and if you have the client's cell phone number saved in the  Client Profile section of their case, you will also have the option to edit any events and add a text message reminder. You can set it for any number of hours or days before the event. 

The reminder text message will provide the debtor with the hearing name, location and time.

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