Notices A.I. will enhance your bankruptcy practice by saving and organizing court notices and using artificial intelligence to schedule hearings to your calendar.


  • Automatically Save Court Documents: With the purchase of the Notices A.I., your firm will have access to view, download and print your PACER Notices from anywhere.

  • Organize and Schedule Hearing Dates: Artificial intelligence will schedule hearings directly to your calendar so you will never miss a hearing date.

  • Customizable: Filter notices based on proof of claim, hearings and more!

  • Cost Efficient: Because we automatically save all notices, your firm will not have to re-open files.

  • Receive Notifications: New court notices will appear in the Quick View on the Firm Dashboard where you can mark a notice as read once you've read it.

  • Standalone Product: Notices A.I. is available to every attorney and firm - NextChapter user or not!

  • NextMessage: Add client texting for the tech savvy attorney!

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