Getting Started:

After signup, the attorney will receive an email that contains a unique email address that can be added as the secondary email on their PACER account. For best accuracy, we recommend selecting to receive the emails in HTML. Your ECF account must also be set to receive individual notices emails instead of a Daily Summary Report.

Once the secondary email is set up, Notices A.I. will immediately begin saving and organizing notices, as well as scheduling hearings.

Notices A.I. Quick View Inbox:

All notices received by the firm will be shown in the Notices A.I. Quick View inbox on the firm's dashboard. This is a way to get a quick view of any new notices saved. From this section, you can mark that the notice has been read and that will remove the notices from the quick view but it will still be available in the Notice Full view, which can be accessed by clicking the button to view "All Notices."

Notices A.I. Inbox:

All notices will also be saved in the full firm Notice Inbox. There are two tabs you can toggle between at the top. All unread notices will appear in the Inbox tab and all processed notices will appear in the All Notices tab. If you would like to quickly move all notices over to the All Notices tab, you can click on "Mark All" which will automatically mark all notices as read and move those into the other section. 

Assigning Notices:

If a notice is received in the inbox for a case that was not created in NextChapter, you can easily assign the notice to a case or you can create a new case where that notice and all future notices for that case will be saved. Simply click Assign a Case and you'll be prompted to search and select from one of your existing cases or you can select to create a new case. 

When creating a new case, be sure to add the Case Number as exactly shown by the court so that all future notices will be matched to that case. 

Viewing Notices In Each Case:

Notices are also saved directly into each client in Notices A.I. You can preview and download the notices from the case by clicking on the client's name and viewing their PACER Notices section.

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