Court Integration with ECF 

✅  NextChapter supports e-filing for Individual cases.

Event Codes 

The following additional forms can be filed through NextChapter for this court:
✅   Payment Advices
✅   Statement of SSN (Form B21)
✅   Chapter 7 Form 22A-2 Means Test Calculation
✅   Chapter 7 Form 22A-1 Statement of Your Monthly Income (means test)
✅   Chapter 13 Form 22C-2 Calculation of Your Disposable Income
✅   Chapter 13 Form 22C-1 Statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period
✅   Certificate of Credit Counseling (Obtained prior to filing)

Additional District Specific Notes

✅  Local News and Announcements

Learn More!

🖥   How to file cases through NextChapter.
🖥   How to use these event codes to file additional documents.
🖥   How to use NextChapter's Chapter 13 Plan Editor and Calculator.
🖥   Add the Chapter 13 Plan Package to your plan. 


Coming Soon!

📌  ECF Filing Integration for Non-Individual cases
📌  District Form: Chapter 13 Plan
📌  Option to File Amended Forms through NextChapter
📌  Option to File the rest of the forms after an Emergency Filing

✋  Don't see an event code or local form you regularly use? Send us a message through our in-app chat or email us at and we'll add that to our queue to be added into NextChapter.

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