Court Integration with ECF 

✅  NextChapter supports e-filing for Individual and Business cases.

Chapter 13 Plan

✅  NextChapter supports the district form plan effective 12/1/17 for Missouri Western.

Event Codes 

The following additional forms can be filed through NextChapter for this court:
✅   Declaration Re: Electronic Filing
✅   Debtor Evidence of NO Employer Payments
✅   Certificate of Credit Counseling (NOT Financial Mgmt)
✅   Affidavit re: NO Tax Returns
✅   Chapter 13 Plan
✅   Certification re Rights and Responsibilities (text only)


Additional District Specific Notes

✅ Missouri Western District Court has moved to the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen). Please see the court's notice for more information and instructions to link your PACER and ECF accounts for filing in this district here!
Local News and Announcements

Learn More!

🖥   How to file cases through NextChapter.
🖥   How to use these event codes to file additional documents.
🖥   How to use NextChapter's Chapter 13 Plan Editor and Calculator.
🖥   Add the Chapter 13 Plan Package to your plan. 


Coming Soon!

📌  Option to File Amended Forms through NextChapter
📌  Option to File the rest of the forms after an Emergency Filing

✋  Don't see an event code or local form you regularly use? Send us a message through our in-app chat or email us at and we'll add that to our queue to be added into NextChapter.

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