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District Notes: California Central
District Notes: California Central
Forms, Filing Options and Court Specific Information in NextChapter
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Court Integration with ECF 

✅  Individual cases
✅  Non-Individual cases
✅  Amended filings
✅  Supplemental filings

Chapter 13 Plan

✅  NextChapter supports the form plan effective 4/15/2019 for California Central.

Event Codes 

The following additional forms can be filed through NextChapter for this court:
✅   Rights and Responsibility Agreement
✅   Verification of Master Mailing List of Creditors (LBR F1007-1)
✅   Statement of Related Cases (LBR Form 1015-2.1)
✅   Statement About Your Social Security Number (Official Form 121)
✅   Signature of Attorney on Petition (Official Form 101 or 201)
✅   Electronic Filing Declaration (LBR Form F1002-1)
✅   Disclosure of Compensation of Atty for Debtor (Official Form 2030)
✅   Declaration by Debtor as to Whether Db Received Income From an Employer (LBR Form F1002-1)
✅   Declaration RE Filing of Tax Returns and Payment of Domestic Supp. Obligations (Preconfirmation)
✅   Certificate of Credit Counseling (Per Part 5 of Voluntary Petition)

Local Forms Autocompleted by NextChapter

✅  Rights & Responsibilities Agreement between debtor and attorney for debtor in a Chapter 13 Case (F3015-1.7.RARA)
✅  Statement of Related Cases (F1015-2.1.STMT.RELATED.CASES)
✅  Declaration by Debtor(s) as to Whether Income was Received From an Employer Within 60 Days of the Petition Date (F1002-1.EMP.INCOME.DEC)
✅  Debtor's Attorney's Disclosure of Compensation Arrangement in Individual Chapter 7 Case (F2090-1.CH7.ATTY.COMP.DISCLSR)
✅  Declaration RE Filing of Tax Returns and Payment of Domestic Support Obligations (F3015-1.08DECTAXDSO)
✅ Verification of Master Mailing List of Creditors (F 1007-1.MAILING.LIST.VERIFICATION)

✅ Corporate Ownership Statement

✅ Debtor’s Request to Activate Electronic Noticing

Additional District Specific Notes

✅  New Signature Requirements Effective December 1, 2017 (LBR 9011-1/Court Manual Section 3.4): The Central District of California requires documents requiring the signature of a debtor or any other party (with the exception of registered CM/ECF filers and certain employees thereof) must bear a holographic signature of the debtor or such other signing party. Read the court's Public Notice here

To satisfy this requirement, please remember to print out all forms and select the option to Remove Signature Lines before printing so that your client can sign. The signed forms must be scanned back in and the FULL petition packet needs to be saved in the Client Document Storage for filing. Click here for directions!

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📌  Option to File Amended Forms through NextChapter
📌  Option to File the rest of the forms after an Emergency Filing

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