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Filing in Central District of California
How to file your case with wet signatures
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Effective 12/1/17 this court no longer accepts electronic signatures on the forms. Please follow these instructions to file your case with the court.

Print Forms Without Signature Lines: 

Forms can be downloaded from the Download & Print section. Select the option to download "Signature Pages Only" from the dropdown in the PDF Packet 1 column.

Proceed to the Download tab and select YES when it asks if you want to Remove E-signature lines?

Click Download to download the forms without E-signature lines. Once your client has signed all of the forms, you can upload ONLY the signed signature pages into Additional Documents > Client Document Storage.

Next to each PDF, indicate which form the signature page corresponds by selecting the "Signature Page Only:" event code. Once you assign the proper signature page event code, the signed page will replace the page with the electronic signature when you preview and when you file.

When you're ready to file, you will see the signature page included with the forms and you can select "Complete Bankruptcy Petition (all forms and schedules" and the forms with the wet signatures will be included.)

Continue adding/editing event codes and file your case!

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