Court Integration with ECF 

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✅  Business cases
✅  Amended Filings
✅  Supplemental Filings

Chapter 13 Plan

✅  NextChapter supports the district form plan effective 12/1/17 for Arizona.

Event Codes 

The following additional forms can be filed through NextChapter for this court:
✅   Credit Counseling Certificate (Include any Debt Repayment Plan)
✅   Declaration of Evidence of Employer Payments
✅   Disclosure of Compensation
✅   Schedules

Additional District Specific Notes

✅  New Court Requirement: Rule 1005-2 - The court now requires the debtor(s)' email address to be listed in the petition signature block. Please make sure you add the debtor(s)' email in the Client Information section of the case and the email address will then be added into the petition.


Local Forms Autocompleted by NextChapter

✅  Declaration of Evidence of Employer Payments
✅  Declaration Re: Electronic Filing


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