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How to create automatic text reminders

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Once you've added NextMessage to your firm, you can start creating automatic text reminders to remind your clients of upcoming hearing or appointment dates or any information you would like to be sent automatically based on dates in the case.

Each automatic text reminder formula is called a "Recipe" and you can add an unlimited amount of recipes from your Firm Settings under "NextMessage: Client Text Notifications".

Name each recipe something that is clear so that everyone in the firm will be able to easily know what the message is for. This will help when selecting if you would like to turn off any recipes for specific cases.

Creating Recipes

Each recipe can be set by using one of the following dates from each case:

  • IC Date (Initial Consultation)

  • Signing Date

  • Filing Date

  • 341 Date

You can select the desired amount of time before or after the date selected that you would like the message to be sent. You can also select the preferred time of day that the message will be sent. 

In the above example, all debtors with cell phone numbers saved in the case dashboard that are not opted out of this recipe in the case will receive this text message 7 days after the filing date saved in their case.

Please note, repetitive shortened links (such as may cause your message to be blocked as spam. Make sure to use the full link in any of your texts.

Need help with creating recipes? See some Attorney Suggested Recipes here!

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