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NextMessage: Texting Through Cases
NextMessage: Texting Through Cases

How to edit texting settings in each case and how to send direct text messages to your clients

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Once you've purchased NextMessage for your firm, your clients can start receiving text messages directly through the case in NextChapter.

Start by adding the debtor's cell phone number in the Case Dashboard. Be sure to select "Mobile" as the phone number type. 

In a joint case, you can add the cell phone numbers for both debtors so that each will receive messages from the case. Be sure to select which number belongs to which client.

Once a cell phone number is added, you can now start to text the client directly through the NextMessage text box in the Case Dashboard. 

If your client responds to a text, their message will appear in this text box and an email notification will be sent to the email that is selected as the default email in the NextMessage section of your Firm Settings. 

You can change which firm email you would like to receive the notification on a per-case basis by selecting the settings wheel in the top right-hand corner of the text box from within the Case Dashboard. Changing the email here will only change it for this case and the email entered will receive a notification every time the client texts your firm's assigned number.

From the NextMessage settings within the case, you can also select if you would like all automatic text reminders to be sent to this client. These will always default to "On" and you can turn them off at any time, which will stop all future automatic text reminders based on "recipes" you have set up in your firm settings. 

You can also set up automatic text message reminders for upcoming events on the Case Event tab too. When you save a new event or open an existing event, there will be the option to set a reminder prior to the event.

The text message reminder will include the Event Title, Event Date & Time and the Event Location.


1. If you client responds STOP but later decides they want to receive texts, the OPT-IN feature allows them to opt back in to receive messages from the blocked number

Keywords to opt-in :


Once the number replies with any of the above keywords, it can receive SMS from the number which was blocked.

2. If repetitive shortened links (such as are used, your message may be blocked as spam. Make sure to use the full link in any of your texts.

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