You can add NextMessage Client Text Notifications from your settings by upgrading to the Start+ or Pro+ plan.

Next you can go to Account Settings > NextMessage to receive your firm's local phone number. Enter your local area code and then click on "Get Number" to receive your firm's new phone number for texting.

After your firm is assigned a phone number, you can select which email address from the firm that you would like to be the default email to receive email notifications when your clients reply to the firm's text messages.

*Note: You can change which email address will receive the notifications on a per-case basis too. When you're in the Case Dashboard, just click on the settings button and enter which email address you would like to be notified when text messages are received for that case.

In your firm NextMessage settings, you can also select if you would like to have an automated message sent to the debtor after they receive the first text message from the firm which provides them with instructions to be opted out of receiving text messages. 

This is the text message sent to the debtor after the first text message they receive:

Now that you have the feature turned on, you can send messages directly through each case and you can set up automatic "recipe" reminders

For more information about NextMessage click here!

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