Once your client has entered their information into MyChapter and submitted for review, you will receive an email notification and the status of the case will change to Ready to Review in the case under the Case Dashboard section.

To review the case, click on Debtor Portal in the top header.

You'll see a list of all clients who've been invited to MyChapter. This list shows the status for each case, the date the client was invited, the date your client submitted a portal response back to you and the date the portal response was imported into NextChapter

To review a case, click on View. This will take you to the case information in MyChapter.

Next you can click through the information entered by your client and make any updates necessary. The first section has an easy tool which will allow you to fix the capitalization if your client entered their information in all upper caps. 

As you go through your client's information, you can delete or change anything as needed. 

If any information is incorrect or missing, you can send the portal back to your client which will allow them to update or any new information and then resubmit to you for review. You can resend your client back to their portal as many times as needed PRIOR to importing the information into NextChapter.

Once you've finished your review you can click on Import Into NextChapter.

Once the import is completed, all the information and documents uploaded will be added into the case in NextChapter.

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