After you've signed up for MyChapter, you can invite your client to the MyChapter Debtor Portal from their case.

Start by creating a new case in NextChapter for your client from your firm dashboard.

From the Filing Information section, you can select if the case will be an individual or joint filing. 

If the case is a joint filing, click on Joint Debtor Profile to add the second debtor's name. 

Next, return the Case Dashboard and add your client's email address. This is where the invitation will be sent.

The welcome message and firm logo that you save in your MyChapter settings will be used for the e-mail inviting your clients to complete the MyChapter debtor portal. If you go to Account Settings > Integrations > MyChapter: Debtor Portal, you can customize the logo that appears in your e-mail to clients, write a welcome message, and provide instructions for filling out the Debtor Portal. Once you finish customizing, the e-mail will look something like this:

From this Settings page, you can also upload documents. The documents you upload will be included in the e-mail invitation to your clients as attachments. You can provide custom instructions for these documents in your welcome message.

Once the invitation is sent, you'll see the status of portal for this case in the Case Dashboard.

You can also view the status of all client portal invitations by clicking on Debtor Portal in the top menu of the application

Once the portal has been completed by your client, you will receive an email notification and the case portal status will change to "Ready to Review" in the Debtor Portal section of NextChapter. 

If you need to resend an invite, click on the resend button and enter the email. You can also include a message for the debtor which will be included in the email.

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