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Form 121 Statement of Social Security
Form 121 Statement of Social Security
How to complete Form 121 Statement of Social Security and where to find this form
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For security purposes, NextChapter does not store the debtor's full SSN in the program. The last 4 of the debtor's SSN is entered the Client Profile section here:

Statement Of Social Security

You have to first download the Statement of Social Security from the Download & Print section, and then once downloaded to your computer, upload it into the Review & File section.

A copy of the debtor's Form 121 Statement of Social Security can be downloaded from the Download and Print section. You can add this form to your download by clicking Add SSN Form (121).

The SSN form will only be available for download for 1 hour from when it was generated, for security purposes.

Once downloaded, be sure to click on "PDF Packet 1", if you click complete it will not download to your computer. Save it to your computer, you will need to upload it in Review and File once ready to file.

Most users will save a copy to their personal file on their computer and when they are ready to file the case, they will upload the form back into NextChapter under the Review & File section.

You have to click "add file" (squared above), and then upload the Statement of Social Security. Once uploaded, this form will file with your case.

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