Question from SOFA line 11: Within 90 days before you filed for bankruptcy, did any creditor, including a bank or financial institution, set off any amounts from your accounts or refuse to make a payment because you owed a debt?

Where to enter this in NextChapter: Unsecured Priority Claims or Unsecured Nonpriority Claims > Edit or Add Claim

When editing or adding a new claim in the Unsecured Priority or Unsecured Nonpriority Claims sections, checking the box Claim is subject to setoff within the last 90 days will populate the additional questions necessary to add the claim to line 11 of the Statement of Financial Affairs.

*NOTE: If you need to add a Secured Claim that was subject to setoff within 90 days, you would still input the information the same as above but you would need to select the box "Omit from Schedule E/F."

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